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anime similar to maid sama

What 13 anime should I watch if I Love Maid Sama?

13 Anime You Must Watch if You Love ‘Maid Sama’. 1 1. From Me to You (2009-2011) 2 2. Boys Over Flowers (1996-1997) 3 3. Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2014) 4 4. Say “I Love You” (2012) 5 5. Love Com (2007) More items

Do you like special a and Maid Sama?

If you like Maid Sama you’ll definitely like special a! Both protagonists of each anime highly resemble one another. There may be some slight differences but there are more similarities to both main characters. One example of the two main guys are are they are good at everything.

What are the similarities between special a and Kaichou wa Maid Sama?

They both are about school kids falling in love and have very similar art and characters. The type of shojou anime is much the same and the characters are about the same age. Overall, Special A and Kaichou wa Maid Sama are very much alike.

How many volumes of Maid sama are there?

Maid Sama! is a shōjo manga by Hiro Fujiwara. It was published between April 2006 and September 2013 and was compiled into eighteen volumes. The manga was adapted into a 26-episode anime television series that aired between April and September 2010. Two OVAs were then produced.

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