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anime poems

Are there any poems inspired by anime characters?

These poems are inspired by a specific anime character. We have included the title and author of each poem, as well as a quote from the poem. Enjoy! 1. A sonnet… for Naruto

What does the poem just smell the air mean?

Just smell the air! This poem is from an anime show called Hetalia. Its talking about all the countries from every where around the world. This poem means of how time pasts all around the world, with all the flags unfurling with their country’s pride. Every country always starts fights and wars, but they all love one country the most.

What is the poem in InuYasha The Movie 2?

This is from the movie InuYasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. This poem is about when Kaguya, intending to enslave InuYasha, attempts to transform him in to a full-fledged demon.

Is anime more than a cartoon?

It's almost like theaters and movies, anime has many genres such as drama, romance, and even tragedy. Yet sometimes people argue that anime is nothing more than a cartoon. I could say that cartoons are only meant for kids but anime includes that as well. I could say anime has different art styles, but the same could be said for cartoons as well.

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