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anime neck tattoos

What are the coolest tattooed anime characters?

Don't worry if you can't; it's why we created this list of the coolest tatted anime characters. Some characters have tattoos that symbolize their bond with a certain group, such as Ace's Whitebeard tattoo in One Piece. Other characters sport a tribal tattoo that seems to only be for looks, like Renji from Bleach and Kamina from Gurren Lagan.

What is an anime tattoo?

The anime tattoo shares the same nuance and creativity, as well as the diverse and rich human emotion that anime does.

What is zero’s tattoo on his neck?

He is a half-human, half-vampire boy who has a seal tattooed onto his neck that is easily recognizable by most fans of the show for its intricate design and use of daggers. Zero is in love with the main protagonist Yuki but must deal with his rival Kaname , a full vampire, in order to try to win her heart and eventually save Yuki from disaster.

What kind of tattoo does Kakashi from Naruto have?

Kakashi is a famous character who is a part of the Naruto Manga series. This tattoo includes the whole image of Kakashi with a lot of shading and black ink outline of the character’s entire body. This tattoo also features a descriptive background, which includes a dark shadow with the help of shading.

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