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anime like relife

Are there any stories similar to ReLIFE?

There are quite a few tales that have similarities with ReLIFE. Let’s start the Top 10 series like ReLIFE. . Seishu Handa is a promising calligrapher whose work, when called “unoriginal” by a veteran, resulted in a severe repercussion.

Are you craving more anime like ReLIFE?

The ReLife program offers him the rare opportunity to make a change and redeem himself. I’m sure you are craving more anime like ReLIFE. I have made a list of series that you should consider watching. In one way or another, they’re all kind of similar. I hope you enjoy these shows! 1. Golden Time

What do you like most about remake our life and ReLIFE?

Both animes give the main character a chance to relive their past. The characters not only end up changing themselves but also the people they meet. Both stories revolve around serious matters that are softened with comedy. Remake our life takes place in university setting while Relife concentrates on high school years. MrGray101 says...

Should I watch erased or ReLIFE?

ReLife is more lighthearted though. If you liked ReLife but you are into darker, more phychological stories, ERASED is an anime of choice. However, it's about kids, not much real high school romance at sight.

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