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anime like orange

What are some anime shows similar to orange?

" Ao Haru Ride" (" Blue Spring Ride") The first anime that comes to mind when discussing shows that are similar to Orange is Ao Haru Ride (also known as Blue Spring Ride ). Why is that? Besides having a similar narrative and art style, both shoujo shows are known to be very emotional and dramatic. The focus is on character relationships and growth.

What anime has a cute love story?

Kimi ni Todoke and Orange. Both of these animes have a cute love story which captures the innocence of first love. The female leads Sawako and Naho both are shy and love the male lead from the very start of the series. As the series develop the male leads fall in love with the female leads.

What are the similarities between Orange and Ao Haru Ride?

Both are based around a group of friends and are told in the main female protagonists' point of view. They both have more than two members of the group liking another person in the group (In Orange's case it's the girl and in Ao Haru Ride's case it's the boy.)

Should I watch Anohana or orange?

If you like Orange, you should definitely check out Anohana. They both have a supernatural feel to them and follow the friendship shared between 6 people. Anohana does a great job in setting up a story with lots of feels as does Orange. Get your tissue box ready! MrKimchi says...

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