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anime lazy

Why are so many anime characters so lazy?

Some people (and anime characters) eventually figure out how to be a bit more productive, but there are just as many characters who are defined by their laziness. It might be because they're a bit antisocial and want to avoid people, or it might be because they actually hate working.

What are some anime with lazy but overpowered MCs?

Blood Lad Blood Lad is one the most famous anime that made its way to the list of anime with lazy but overpowered MCs. Staz is a perfect fit for the role. A vampire lord of a district has to be strong and scary. Staz has the qualities of a ruthless lord, yet he loves spending his time watching anime and reading manga.

Who is the Lazy Genius in Gintoki?

Gintoki is a character with a ton of depth, who plays a major role in some of the most impactful scenes in the series. However, at first glance, he seems quite unmotivated and takes a while to show his true colors. Aizawa is another character who falls into the "lazy genius" category.

Is it possible for anime characters to not be outwardly smart?

But some individuals don't care to be outwardly smart at all, whether for a specific reason or just because it doesn't matter to them, and this particular case is ironically conventional in many anime characters.

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