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anime kanabo

What is a kanabō?

Samurai holding a kanabō. The kanabō (金棒) (literally: "metal stick") is a spiked or studded two-handed war club used in feudal Japan by the samurai. Other related weapons of this type are the nyoibo, konsaibo, tetsubō (鉄棒), and ararebo.

What are the Kanabo in TMNT?

The Kanabo were an aggressive symbiotic species in TMNT Fast Forwad . The Kanabo are an infectious species staring out as purple ooze capable of bonding to other species making them hosts. True Kanabo are a mostly aqueous species capable of limited shapeshifting and viscosity.

What is the difference between kanabo and furibo?

In simple words, Furibo is a large wooden club that contains violent metal spikes. However, they differ in size. Kanabo, on the other hand, is an enormous wooden club having metal spikes. The kanabo was additionally an individual fighting weapon, that makes no mistake, it may look simple and brutal.

How big is a Kanabo club?

Old Japanese wood club with iron spikes, kanabō or tetsubō, 4′ 9″ long and 4 lb in weight. A small tetsubō . Close-up picture of the iron studs on an antique Japanese ararebo, a small version of the kanabo .

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