Anime Half Sleeve Tattoo


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anime half sleeve tattoo

What is an anime tattoo?

The anime tattoo shares the same nuance and creativity, as well as the diverse and rich human emotion that anime does.

What does a Dragon Ball tattoo look like?

The tattoo itself is in black and gray, mostly, a hint of red was added on the features belt. The illustration is simple but shaded artistically and skilfully to make it look dimensional, not flat. This anime tattoos feature the Dragon Ball universe with Super Saiyan at the center.

Is it safe to get a tattoo of anime characters?

It is perfectly safe and legal to use anime as a content for tattoo on whichever part of the body. The anime fandom is huge community that made this genre grow and thrive for the several decades. It’s a huge market for the tattoo industry, and at the same time the amount of content which can be derived from anime is tremendous.

Is Alphonse a good tattoo?

Alphonse, is a well-known character in the anime planet, so it is imperative that the artist’s interpretation must be recognizable, too. Its shading details is meticulous and smart playing with contrast to add depth and definition resulting into a more realistic tattoo.

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