Anime Girl With Clock Eye


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anime girl with clock eye

Who are some anime girls with eye patch?

Arashi has red hair that is tied in ponytail with a single long strand hanging over the middle of her face, different colored eyes that she is seen wearing a black eye patch over her right eye. She is often seen carrying a real katana this is a awesome anime girl with eye patch. 8. Shimei Ryomou From Ikkitousen

What is the best anime girl eyes of all time?

14 Best Anime Girl Eyes of All Time. 1 1. Violet Evergarden, Violet Evergarden (2018) 2 2. Kurumi TokiSaki, Date A Live (2013) 3 3. Evergreen, Fairy Tail (2009) 4 4. Kaori Miyazono, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (2014) 5 5. Nia Teppelin, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann (2007) More items

What color are Sakura’s eyes in the anime?

In the anime, she has black hair and light yellow eyes. Her hair is hime-style and was initially shoulder length until she cut it to chin length, since allowing it to grow out. She wears a white eye patch over her missing right eye.

Is Aldra an anime girl with eye patch?

Aldra has a cat ear-like headband on her head, and a metal eye patch on her right eye yes she is an anime girl with eye patch. She wears a bright red outfit, with belts going across the top of it.

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