Anime Gif Banners


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anime gif banners

What is the best size to make an animated GIF banner?

In BannerBoo, you can make an animated GIF banner of any size. The size of the animated banner for emails depends on the recipient's email service and mailing tools. The optimal size in width is up to 300 pixels, as such a banner will be viewable even on mobile.

How much does it cost to advertise a GIF animation?

According to PromoDo, the average return on customers who come to your site due to banner advertising is $65.90! Investing in the development of GIF animations with the BannerBoo banner maker can bring a real solvent audience!

How many channels of traffic does a GIF banner Get?

In the online ad builder with 7,000 templates, you will definitely find the one that suits you. Try now and make sure! One GIF — 6 channels of traffic! A clear task is a clear result. Make an animated GIF banner according to all the canons of Google AdWords and Facebook and get 95% of requests due to cool GIF banners!

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