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anime eye scar

Do any of the anime characters have scars?

Sometimes scars are small and subtle, but some of these characters have some pretty major ones. Take Zoro from One Piece for example, who has one not only on his eye, but a giant one on his stomach as well. Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist has one in the shape of big X on his face, as a result of Kimbley using his explosive aclhemy on his...

Why do anime characters wear eyepatches?

In some cases, it’s an article of clothing, an object, or even an eyepatch. There are many characters in anime who wear eyepatches for various reasons: to hide scars, to conceal their eye, or even just to look cool. Whatever the reason, there are some incredible characters in anime who wear eyepatches.

Why does Akuma have a scar on his face?

It gives Allen the power to see the souls trapped within Akuma and appears as a large scar across his face. It first manifests as a black eye with red, glowing rings in place of his iris. As it increases in power, the symbol of a reverse pentagram replaces the red rings. The eye seems to have a will of its own and activates without Allen's control.

How many anime eyes stock photos and videos are there?

27,757 anime eyes stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See anime eyes stock video clips Set goals and get predicted insights based on performance.

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