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anime drinking tea

What are some good anime teas to read?

Other Anime Teas... My Hero Academia Fullmetal AlchemistBrotherhood Haikyuu Sword Art Online 1 Yuri ON ICE Anime Your Lie in April KonoSuba Toradora Attack on Titan Nagi no Asukara Re:Zero K-on!! Hunter x Hunter OVERLORD Sweetness and Lightning No Game No Life Gintama Kobayashi dragon maid Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Is after school tea time the only anime band with iconic songs?

The Light Music Club created a stir when they formed After School Tea Time. However, they're not the only anime band to thrill fans with iconic songs. After School Tea Time caused a stir when K-On! first made its 2010 debut.

What happened to after school tea time?

The band's influence continued outside the anime community, appearing in campaigns created by the Kyoto prefectural government. Even after the anime ended in 2011 with its movie, After School Tea Time remains a cultural icon and an iconic anime band. 9 Sanrio Adds Their Own Spin On Battle Of The Bands (Show By Rock!!)

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