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anime dank memes

What does ‘Dank’ mean in memes?

In meme speak, ‘dank’ is used to describe a joke that’s been overdone or no longer trending. Thanks to the Internet and the resourcefulness of common folk, memes come and go quite quickly. Remember the motivational baby meme for instance? That one has outlived its purpose apparently, and has been replaced by its funnier, more popular counterparts.

Why do people watch anime memes?

But instead of stock photos, you see anime images taken from the most famous Japanese series and highlighted with sarcastic jokes. In most cases, watching such memes is a perfect way to relieve stress and take your mind off the routine. The last section of our collection contains some of the showy dank anime memes.

How many Dank memes are created each day?

For in their death, a new meme can be born. In fact, a well-known meme maker tool mentioned that about 2,000 memes are created on their platform daily. So don’t feel bad for these dank memes. Instead, go through this awesome collection and reminisce all the special times they made you laugh. Best Dank Memes

Is there an anime meme subreddit for women?

An anime meme subreddit that's friendly for women, queer people, and generally marginalized anime fans who want a break from how toxic anime spaces usually are. Of course, anyone is welcome, but be respectful to the intention of the space.

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