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anime broken

What are the 10 anime breakups that we’re still sad about?

10 Anime Breakups That We're Still Sad About. 1 10 Yamcha & Bulma (Dragon Ball Z) 2 9 Guts & Casca (Berserk) 3 8 Shino & Jin (Samurai Champloo) 4 7 Akari & Takaki (5 Centimeters Per Second) 5 6 Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon) More items

What are the best anime series about heartbreak?

This story compounds multiple heartbreaks, one after another, following these two through the years as they are torn apart by life's events. The much-loved Sailor Moon is one of the best anime series to show a large cast of strong women kicking butt.

Did JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure break the Internet?

There hasn’t really been a single moment, in recent history, when JoJo’s broke the internet (except maybe the announcement of Part 6 anime). JoJo’s is more of a constant force throughout the anime community, and I think it’s left everyone a little broken on the inside, but in a good way.

What are some anime that make you cry?

15 Heartbreaking Anime That Will Make You Cry. 1 15 Plastic Memories. Plastic Memories is one of those shows that gives you a bracing dose of reality and the fact that nothing lasts forever. The ... 2 14 Violet Evergarden. 3 13 Chrono Crusade. 4 12 True Tears. 5 11 Elfen Lied. More items

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