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Anime Alcohol


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anime alcohol

Which anime characters drink alcohol?

These anime characters are all known for knocking back a few hard drinks on-screen, and some of them actually define their lifestyle or combat style with alcohol. The card-slinging wizard Cana Alberona is known for more than just her love of drink.

Is Osake wa fuufu ni Natte kara a bad anime?

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara is FAR from being a horrible anime short, it's just merely a relationship of a husband and wife with alcohol involved and how they help each other from the worst or best of times and the alcohol in question is NOT brought up in a bad light and THAT is quite something even for an anime short.

What kind of anime is LoveLove is like a cocktail?

Love is Like a Cocktail is a very short but charming seinen series that's like an iyashikei anime for fans of mixed drinks and cocktails. The simple but sweet premise involves Chisato Mizusawa, a hardworking office lady who always looks forward to a fine drink when she returns home.

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