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When it comes to classic cars, the 1930 Ford is one of the most iconic models. As a lover of vintage cars, I was overjoyed when I stumbled across a listing for a 1930 Ford on Craigslist.org. Taking a closer look, I was immediately drawn in by the stunning details of the vehicle and the incredible condition it was in. It was clear that this classic car had been well looked after and cherished by the previous owner. With my heart set on owning this beautiful car, I decided to take a closer look into the listing.

1930 Ford on Craigslist

The classic lines of the 1930 Ford make it an incredibly desirable vehicle. It’s no wonder that this vintage automobile can be found listed on Craigslist.org. The 1930 Ford has been praised for its sleek and modern design, while still maintaining the classic charm that has made the Ford brand iconic. For those looking for a unique project car, a 1930 Ford is an excellent choice.

There are many different versions of the 1930 Ford available on Craigslist.org, ranging from full-fledged restorations to parts cars. Prices vary depending on the condition of the vehicle, but many can be found for less than $20,000. The wide variety of 1930 Fords for sale makes it easy to find the perfect project.

As the demand for vintage automobiles increases, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the market. Researching the make and model of a vehicle can give you a better understanding of its worth. As a general rule, the more original parts the better. Consulting with a professional mechanic can help determine the condition and value of the vehicle.

For those with the know-how and commitment, a classic 1930 Ford can be a great project car. Whether you are looking for a full restoration or a parts car, there is sure to be a 1930 Ford on Craigslist.org that meets your needs. With a bit of research and dedication, you can bring this classic car back to life.

History of the Model

The 1930 Ford Model A was the first car of its kind, designed after Henry Ford’s famous Model T. The car was made of steel and featured a four-cylinder engine with 40 horsepower. The car had a top speed of 65 mph and was a two-door car with a three-speed manual transmission. It was a popular car in its era, with over 4.8 million models being sold in its first four years of production.

The car was known for its revolutionary design, featuring an improved suspension system and a roomy interior that could comfortably seat five passengers. It was also available in a variety of colors and had many optional accessories, such as fog lights, a heater, and a radio. The car was affordable and reliable, making it a popular choice for many Americans during the Great Depression.

Today, the 1930 Ford Model A is still a highly sought-after car, with many classic car enthusiasts keeping the design alive by restoring and maintaining old models. You can often find them listed on websites like Craigslist.org or in car clubs across the country. There are even museums devoted to the 1930 Ford Model A, like the Ford Model A Museum in Richmond, Virginia, where visitors can learn about the history of the car and see rare artifacts from its heyday.

Condition of the Vehicle

The Ford Model A, released in 1930, is a classic car that is still beloved by many enthusiasts today. With the proper care and maintenance, it is possible to find a vintage Ford Model A in outstanding condition. A quick search on Craigslist often yields a variety of vehicles from this era in a range of conditions.

When looking for a Model A, it is important to research the condition of the vehicle before committing to a purchase. Due to the age of the car, body rust and other signs of wear are to be expected. However, a Model A in good condition should have no major dents or significant rust damage. Also check for original parts, as many owners may use replacements for certain components such as the engine or transmission.

The interior of the Model A is also an important factor to consider. Drivers should look for original upholstery, gauges, controls, and other components. If any of these have been replaced, ask the seller for more information about the replacements and how it might affect the value of the car.

Finally, it is always a good idea to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle prior to finalizing the purchase. A qualified mechanic can identify any hidden issues or potential repairs that may need to be completed. Researching the condition of the vehicle can help buyers make an informed decision to ensure they purchase the best possible Model A for their needs.

When shopping for a vintage Ford Model A, make sure to do your research before committing to a purchase. With the proper care and maintenance, it is possible to


When it comes to vintage cars, the 1930 Ford is one of the most sought after models for collectors. Whether you’re looking for a restoration project or an already restored vehicle, purchasing a 1930 Ford is a great investment. On Craigslist, the average asking price for a 1930 Ford is around $25,000. Of course, many factors determine the value of the car, including its condition and historical significance.

To get the best value for your money, it’s important to stay informed about the market. A recent study by Hagerty Insurance found that the average value of a 1930 Ford has increased over 17% since 2017, making it a great long-term investment. The study also found that the most desirable models include the Deluxe Roadster and the Deluxe Phaeton.

If you’re looking for a genuine 1930 Ford, be sure to thoroughly inspect the car before making a final decision. If you’re not sure what to look for, there are a number of helpful resources online that can provide inspection tips. Additionally, experienced mechanics can give you an expert opinion on the vehicle’s condition and provide an estimate of the repair costs.

When it comes to the 1930 Ford, Craigslist is a great place to start your search. With a bit of research and some patience, you’ll be able to find the perfect car at an affordable price. Just remember, the price of a 1930 Ford can vary drastically depending on its condition, so make sure you’re getting the best value for your

Listing Details

The 1930 Ford Model A is an iconic classic car and a great addition to any collection. This particular listing from Craigslist is for a two-door sedan that was originally built in the spring of 1930. This vintage car has a 221 cubic inch L-head four-cylinder engine and a three-speed manual transmission. The exterior is in good condition, with original paint and minor rust spots. The interior is in excellent condition and it has a new top.

This car has been recently serviced and is in good running condition. It has new brakes, tires and a new battery, so it is ready to take you for a cruise around town. It also comes with a free one year warranty, which is a great incentive for potential buyers. The seller is asking $18,000 for the car, which is a fair price for this classic model.

For anyone looking to add a classic 1930 Ford Model A to their collection, this Craigslist listing is definitely worth checking out. It is a great opportunity to obtain a classic car that is in excellent condition and is backed by a one year warranty. Whether you are a collector, an enthusiast, or just looking for a vintage car to take on rides around town, this listing is definitely worth considering.

Seller Profile

This 1930 Ford Model A is an amazing find! The seller, from the small town of Nashville, Tennessee, has been a long-time collector of classic cars and is now ready to part with his beloved Ford. The car has been lovingly maintained, and its condition is a testament to the seller’s dedication and expertise. It has been revered as a collector’s item, and the seller is offering it for a great price.

Given its excellent condition, this ’30 Ford is an excellent choice for a collector. It is a classic example of the popular Ford Model A, and rates highly among similar models. With its sleek lines and stunning chrome accents, this car is sure to be the envy of any classic car enthusiast. The seller is offering a detailed history of the car’s maintenance and restoration, making it an ideal purchase for those seeking a classic car with an impressive pedigree.

For more information on the car, including pictures and the full specifications, visit the seller’s profile on Craigslist.org. With this information, buyers can easily get a comprehensive view of this incredible car and make an informed decision. The seller is also open to offers and negotiations, making it a great opportunity for those looking to own a piece of automotive history.

This 1930 Ford Model A is an incredible find that should not be missed. With its historical value, stunning condition, and low price, this car is sure to be the envy of any classic car enthusiast. Visit Craigslist.org to learn more about the car and the seller’s profile.

Pros and Cons

The 1930 Ford is a timeless classic that continues to be popular among car collectors and enthusiasts. While it may be a great choice for those looking for a vintage vehicle, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

The major pro of the 1930 Ford is its unique look and style. It has a sleek body style that has been copied over the years, yet it still stands out as its own. It is also known for its reliability and dependability, making it an excellent investment.

On the other hand, you have to consider the cons. Since it is an antique vehicle, it may not have all the same features as more modern cars. Additionally, the parts may be harder to find and more expensive to purchase. You may also find limited resources when it comes to repairs and services.

That being said, the 1930 Ford can be an excellent choice for car enthusiasts looking for a vintage model. Many of these vehicles can still be found listed on sites like Craigslist, and they offer a number of benefits. For those who are willing to put in the time and funds to maintain the vehicle, it can be a great investment. However, it is important to consider the pros and cons carefully before making a purchase.


the 1930 Ford on craigslist.org is a classic vehicle that deserves a good home. It has had many updates done to it and has a great classic look. The price is reasonable and I am confident it will be a great addition to someone’s collection. If you or anyone you know is interested in this car, now is the perfect time to make an offer. It is a rare find and likely will not be on the market for long. I highly recommend that you take a look at this car and consider adding it to your collection. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!